What does Menupoly do?

Do you often find it difficult to decide where to eat? Have you ever craved a particular food and found it challenging to locate a restaurant that serves it? Do you normally get frustrated when you search online for best restaurants or top food nearby, or good places to eat? Are you a food adventurer looking to explore good eats in your locality? Menupoly can help.

Menupoly makes restaurant menus visual and searchable for consumers, enabling them to search by food name to discover new dishes or find what they want to eat nearby. Customers can see food pictures and conveniently compare available food options by price, popularity, cuisine, calorie level, etc. before deciding where to eat. When visiting new restaurants, diners can browse the restaurant menu visually to see what food items look like before deciding what to order.

Menupoly also allows people to quickly find out what's new or on promotion in their area by leaving the food field blank when searching, or they can do search by ingredient. Craving for a food with rice in it? No problem. Just put a hashtag character before the ingredient name in the food name field, e.g. #rice, to see a list of food options.

Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Menupoly locates your desired dish in a few quick clicks. With our extensive range of functionality, we can guarantee you’ll never go out to eat without checking with Menupoly again.

How It Works

With our user-friendly interface, finding your favorite food cannot be easier.

Select search type (by food or by restaurant), enter zip code or few letters of city name and then choose the right city from dropdown, then enter food/cuisine name and hit search.
Browse search results. Sort by name, popularity, distance, promotion, and what’s new
Filter by price, area, calorie, cuisine, area, etc. to narrow down results and compare
Click on each food photo to visit the associated restaurant page – photo strip view, to browse the visual menu
Click on restaurant name below each food photo to visit the associated restaurant page – list view, to browse menu by category listings

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Menupoly?

Menupoly is a new food discovery and recommendation platform. It helps people discover great dishes around them by making restaurant menus visual and searchable.

+ Can I search by food name or restaurant name on Menupoly?

Yes. You can do searches by either food/cuisine name or restaurant name.

+ I can do food or restaurant searches on Google and Yelp. What is the advantage of Menupoly?

Menupoly gives you food search results (with photos) when you do searches by food/cuisine name, whereas on Google or Yelp the search results are always restaurant names even when you do searches by food name. For example, when you search "Steak Salad" on Menupoly, the search results include all steak salads in the search area with their photos. The user can quickly browse through all steak salads and sort/filter results to quickly compare available options to decide which one to eat.

+ What makes Menupoly unique?

Menupoly concept novelty is based on two pillars:
1) Food search capability: We provide a list of food options (not restaurants) when you search food, with photos. That helps users search and find good eats per their craving.
2) Menu visualization: We make restaurant menus visual with good-quality food pictures to help people rule out the guesswork and quickly see what they would get, when trying new restaurants.
Our food search and listing capability makes our platform one with a focus on food. That provides several other advantages:
A) Users can “rate” each food item on restaurant menus by Menupoly “like” mechanism. By comparing number of likes, people can quickly distinguish popular food items from others or easily find out what top dishes are in any restaurant menu.
B) Menupoly can recommend specific food dishes to restaurant goers to try, based on users’ like history and their background and other preferences. In most restaurants, the odds are high that you get disappointed if you don’t know what is good there to order. Therefore, it would be very helpful to recommend people specific dish name(s) to try rather than simply suggest a restaurant name and leave them wondering what to order to avoid regret.

+ Does Menupoly provide restaurant ratings?

No, Menupoly do not rate restaurants or let users rate restaurants at this point. We believe food quality and taste is the most important component affecting customer satisfaction during a restaurant experience. We let users “like” their favorite food and that serves as a good mechanism to receive customer feedback on restaurant food items.

+ Can I filter or sort my search results?

Yes. You can filter food search results by geographic area, cuisine, price range, calorie count, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, promotions, and certain restaurant characteristics. Moreover, you can sort search results by relevancy, price, name, likes, new items first, and promotions first.

+ Can I write reviews for food or restaurants on Menupoly?

No. Menupoly does not support writing reviews. However, users can “like” food and people can quickly figure out popular dishes in any restaurant or area by comparing numbers of associated food likes.

+ How is information on each restaurant menu organized and presented?

Each restaurant menu is presented in two ways on Menupoly: a) List view: All food items and menu categories are vertically listed on the screen. Users can scroll up/down to see the thumbnail photo and information associated to each food b) Photo strip view: This view is like a photo gallery since it shows big photos of food items and let users quickly browse food photos.

+ What is the difference between menu list view versus menu photo strip view?

List view is good for seeing the whole menu in a single page to get an overview of what restaurant offers on its menu. Photo strip view provides better menu visualization interface by showing big food photos.

+ Are food in photos real? Do photos represent the actual items on the menu?

Yes, they are real. We ask restaurants to prepare food for photo shooting in the same way that they are served to customers. So our goal is to make each photo represent the actual served food as much as possible. However, photos are for illustrative purposes only and actual food may differ slightly in appearance.

+ How much does it cost to use Menupoly?

None. Menupoly is free for all public users. Menupoly charges restaurant businesses for using the platform and services.

+ How can I report erroneous information or website malfunctions?

You can submit an issue report on the affected restaurant page.

+ What is a wish list?

Wish list is a personal list for each Menupoly user to keep track of food that one finds on Menupoly and wishes to try them later. Users can easily add/remove food names to/from their wish list

+ Are food discounts or voucher available on Menupoly?

Menupoly lets restaurants offer promotions on any item of their menu. Users can easily find those promotions by setting promotion filter in their search criteria.

+ Does Menupoly create food promotions?

No. All food promotions are created by their respective restaurant businesses.

+ How are the information on Menupoly updated?

The restaurant and menu information are updated by restaurants. Each restaurant has access to its business and menu information on Menupoly to do updates.

+ What would be the default search results if I don’t enter any food name in the search box?

The food that are new or on promotion would be displayed by default if no food/cuisine name is entered in the search box.

+ How accurate are the food information on Menupoly?

All food information is provided by restaurants. We rely on restaurants on accuracy of the presented information, e.g. ingredients, calorie count, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.

+ The search result page use $, $$, $$$ symbols to show the food price range. What do these icons stand for?

We categorize food prices into three ranges. Each symbol represents one price range: $ = <$10, $$=$10 - $24.99, $$$=$25+

+ What is “what’s new” filter?

Food items added to Menupoly are considered as “New” for 60 days. The purpose is to show the interested users the food that restaurants newly added to their menus.

+ What if I had a bad experience with a restaurant and have a complaint about their food quality or service?

You can submit a complaint and report your issue to the restaurant business in Menupoly. All complaints and reports are directly submitted to the restaurants. Click on report symbol in the menu list view of each restaurant to submit a complaint for that restaurant.

+ I see a food item tagged as “NOT AVAILABLE until further notice” on the restaurant page. What does it mean

Restaurants have the option of making an item on the menu “not available” for a period of time for various reasons, e.g. running out of material.

+ I see a food photo tagged as “Currently Unavailable”. What does it mean and how does it different from “NOT AVAILABLE until further notice”?

Restaurant operation hours and/or time-limited menus affect availability of food at the time of your search. If a Mexican restaurant is closed on Mondays and you are searching for Mexican food on a Monday, all food from that restaurant will be tagged as Currently Unavailable. That's also the case if you search for an item on a restaurant dinner menu at noon. So "currently unavailable" shows that food is not available at the time of your search because the restaurant is closed at that time or the search item belongs to a time-limited menu like brunch menu. On the other hand, "NOT AVAILABLE until further notice" shows that restaurant has temporarily stopped serving that item.

+ Are photos on Menupoly platform subject to copyright?

Yes, all food, restaurant, or any other photos on Menupoly are protected by copyright laws. No printing, reproducing, or use of photos in electronic or print format in electronic or print documents or website are permitted without permission from the copyright owner.

+ Where can I see my like list and wish list?

For website users, you need to log into your Menupoly account first and then click on your profile photo to view or edit your like list and wish list. For mobile app users, you need to log into your Menupoly account first and then open the top burger menu icon to access like list and wish list options.

+ The food or restaurant search does not generate results when I select “Current Location”. Why?

You must give permission to Menupoly to access your location information in your browser or mobile app settings prior to using “Current Location” option.

+ The food or restaurant search generates “No Results Found”. Why?

No Results Found is displayed in the following scenarios:
- Food or restaurant spelling is incorrect
- You chose “Current Location” for searching and you are in an area that Menupoly is not covering.
- You selected certain search filters such that no results that meet the criteria were found.

+ I cannot find “Check In” button on a restaurant page. Why is it missing?

Check In feature is only available on devices connected to cellular networks.

+ I did check in on a restaurant page, however, check in did not go through. Why?

You cannot do a successful check in if any of following conditions is true:
- You are not physically present at the restaurant location.
- You try to check in when restaurant is closed.
- You have already checked in at the same restaurant in the past 4 hours
- You have already checked in at any location in the past 1 hour.

+ How can I earn points to become eligible for rewards?

You can earn points for successful check-in’s at participating restaurants. Only the first two check-in’s in each day are eligible for points. The number of points earned varies by restaurant point grade, and diversity and frequency of your check-ins. Restaurant point grade is denoted by a circular icon on check in button on restaurant page in Menupoly. You will also accumulate points when you like, added to wish list, or share a food on Menupoly. Only the first two likes/add to wish list/shares in each day are eligible for points. One full circle () gets you 50 points for every new location check in, 10 points if you check in a location that you previously checked in the past 7 days, 4 points if you check in a location that you already checked on the same day, 2 points for every like or add to wish list, and 4 points for each share. A semi-circle () gets you half the points mentioned above for full circle.

+ Do my earned points expire?

Yes, your points will expire and be automatically reset to zero if you do not earn any points in any 365-day period.

+ Where can I find my current points and expiration date?

You can see your points and expiration date on Check in History page.

+ How can I redeem my points for rewards?

You can redeem points for rewards at certain point thresholds. 6000 points makes you eligible to receive a $50 gift card in exchange for your point. 20000 points gets you a $200 gift card in exchange for your points. Point redemption thresholds, reward values, and terms and conditions are subject to change and updates.

+ What browsers does Menupoly support?

Menupoly supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari web browsers.