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About Us

Menupoly is the maker of an intuitive, easy to use, and interactive platform to connect restaurateurs looking to promote their excellent food with prospective customers searching for a great meal. Our service is the first of its kind - the premiere application, changing the way diners decide which restaurant to choose.

Our goal at Menupoly is to help people make better decisions about what to eat. We let diners discover great dishes nearby and make informed decisions about their restaurant food choices. While there are a number of other restaurant listing and recommendation directories today, Menupoly differs in its manner of execution and mission.

For Restaurateurs:
We offer restaurants a chance to exhibit their offerings, atmosphere, cuisines and food, in a visually stimulating medium. Our platform offers wide reaching publicity and outreach for restaurateurs looking to showcase their food to entice new customers.

Customers can find dishes based on proximity, cuisine served, price, among other search parameters. This is a competitive avenue for restaurants looking to take the next step - leveraging our interactive platform to reach prospective patrons and see a marked increase in customer traffic and revenue in their establishment.

For Diners:
We help diners eliminate the physical and mental hassle of searching for a place that serves their favorite meal or looking for a new food to try out. Customers simply specify location, cuisine or food name, and voila! We will provide them with a comprehensive visual list of available food in their vicinity. Customers can scan through multiple menus, and quickly compare prices, calorie content, and popularity of food items to decide which one(s) to try.

Menupoly covers certain areas of Maryland presently, rapidly expanding across the state and planning on extending our coverage across the United States.


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