How Can MENUPOLY Help Your Business?

Do you want to attract new diners to your restaurant? Are you tired of fake or biased online reviews that unfairly damage your business reputation? Do you wonder how you can let everybody in the neighborhood know about your popular signature food? Is it challenging for you to quickly inform your customers about new additions or specials on your menu? Are you looking for ways to effectively publicize your vegetarian, gluten-free, halal, kosher, or other special menu items? Have you started a new promotion and looking for a way to get the word out? Do you want to tell your customers about your recent pricing, calorie counts, or the availability changes on your menu in real time?

MENUPOLY can help.

Surveys show consumers are regularly on the lookout for tasty food. Type of food is the most important influencer on diners' restaurant choice, and more people decide based on the visuals they see everyday. MENUPOLY influences peoples' restaurant decisions by enabling customers to do searches by food, see dishes and compare, get food recommendation, and learn about restaurant deals. We are a unique, powerful, yet cost-effective channel for your business to acquire and retain new customers.


MENUPOLY helps you get new patrons because:

We make your food menu visual & findable to consumers.

We show 360 panoramic view of your restaurant to customers.

We recommend your popular food to diners.

We notify restaurant goers about new additions to your menu and restaurant deals.

We influence diners' restaurant choices by letting them search by food & see dishes.

We help you with effective social media or Email marketing to expand your reach.

We enhance customer experience in your restaurant with our digital menu.

We help you bring passersby in with our interactive menu displays.

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Professional Photography
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Online Menus
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Social Media & Email Marketing
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