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Deter COVID-19 & Give Diners Peace of Mind
QR Code Ordering System and Payment


Guests scan QR code in your restaurant with their phone ...


... to see your visual menu and place orders ...


... and eventualty make a payment.

NO User Login or App Download Required


COVID-19 is life-threatening. Provide a safe environment for your customers and staff by eliminating the need for unnecessary manual exchanges of paper menus, bills, cash, or credit cards between your servers and guests, using our restaurant online ordering platform.

Smart Menus

Our smart menus let you have multiple food or drink menus, update them instantly, and display available menus in a visual format to customers in real-time. Integrate our visual menu into your restaurant online ordering system.

Save Money

Reduce your expenses on paper menus, servers, and POS systems. Printing menus regularly is costly. Go digial to save and be environment-friendly. Our digital ordering and payment system frees your servers' time and increases productivity. It also removes the need for additional expensive POS systems.

Simple & Convenient

Our visual menus are easy to navigate and simple to use with no need for users to log in or download apps on their phone. People can use our smart menus to see dishes & cocktails and place orders. Payment is hassle-free with no waits for servers to bring checks and process credit cards. For dine in orders, users can open a tab, add to it, and then make a payment at the end.

Get Orders Commission-Free at $0 Monthly Fee

Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Add visual menu or QR code to your website to accept pickup and delivery orders

Storefront Ordering

Storefront Ordering

Offer takeout orders at your location safe and easy for your guests and staff

Table Ordering

Table Ordering

Make dine in orders safe and simple. Free waitstaff time and save expenses

Our Services



We photoshoot your dishes and cocktails if you don't have their photos



We present your menu on our platform, which lets people discover top dishes nearby and get food recommendations.



QR Code
Ordering & Payment

We let diners see your menu, place orders, and pay on their phone, at your location or order meals online via the restaurant website ordering system.



We provide you with interactive menu displays for outside to convert passers-by to guests within minutes


Showcase your food and cocktails with our interactive menu displays to bring people in within minutes right from outside

Product Features

Plug & Play (One-time Setup)
Online Dashboard to Make Menu Changes Instantly


How Can MENUPOLY Help Your Business?

 Surveys show while consumers are regularly on the lookout for tasty food, craving and visuals are the most important influencers on diners' restaurant and food choices. We provide your business with unique, powerful, yet cost-effective tools to acquire and retain new customers. MENUPOLY helps people decide what - and where - to eat by making restaurant menus visual and searchable online. People can quickly find great food nearby, see photos and compare, and get dish recommendations.

 Our interactive menu displays let people browse your menu right from outside, see food photos, menu descriptions, price, and veggie/vegan/gluten-free options prior to visit. This is a great way to reach customers that are able to bring revenue in within minutes. Additionally, customers arrive having an idea of what they want, cutting down on the time it takes a server to turn a table.

 In response to coronavirus pandemic, we added a novel feature to our visual menu platform to support NO CONTACT food ordering and payment. Customers can scan a QR code at your restaurants to instantly see your visual menu, place orders, and even make payments on their phone with no need to do any app downloads or user logins. Your menu online, on the menu display, and on your restaurant website can be all syned together. Our online dashboard enables you to easily make changes to your menu(s) and get them all updated instantly.