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All information on this page may be changed without notice. Photos are for illustrative purposes only and actual food or drink may differ slightly in appearance.

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MENUPOLY Photo Contribute Policies

Please submit high-quality, sharp photos that clearly show the dish. Photos must be in jpg or png file format with a minimum width of 1200 pixels. You must own the rights to any photo you upload. We add MENUPOLY watermark to all uploaded photos. You have the option of adding your name as the photographer (photo credit) to the photo before the file upload.

We review the uploaded photos and only publish those which comply with MENUPOLY photo contribute policies. We reserve the right to reject or remove any photo that we, in our sole discretion, find inappropriate or consider infringing, offensive, abusive, defamatory, obscene, or otherwise unacceptable. See below for some examples of what we do not accept:

  • Photos submitted under the wrong name
  • Photos exceeding 10MB in size
  • Unclear, dark, overexposed, or blurred photos or photos containing excessive noise
  • Non-original photos, i.e. images created using multiple photos, images with added graphics, watermarks, borders, or text
  • Over-edited photos such as over-sharpened or over-saturated images
  • Photos containing nudity, violent or discriminatory imagery, or pornographic content
  • Photos containing objects irrelevant to food or with inappropriate saying on them
  • Photos containing people (like selfies) or part of the body
  • Photos containing half eaten or unappetizing food
  • Photos infringing copyright laws

Some tips to take mouthwatering photos:

  • Take photos with natural light if possible. For low light conditions, try adding more light by moving closer to a window or use another source of light. Avoid using your camera's built-in flash.
  • Keep it simple. Take out stuff on the table that are distracting before photo shooting.
  • Focus on the dish, but don't zoom in so close that viewers can't tell what the food is.
  • Avoid distracting or cluttered backgrounds. Pick a simple, neutral background.
Last Update: November 26, 2018